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SJSC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page


Q:  How extensive is the travel for SJSC teams?

A:  SJSC teams play in the Capital Area Soccer League (CASL), which is made up greater Lansing area communities.   Teams typically play 8 games in the fall and 8 games in the spring.  Half the games are scheduled at our home soccer complex and the other half are scheduled at the opposing team's home field location.  Normally home games in the fall become away games in the spring and vice versa with each opponent so each team shares in the travel within the entire seasonal soccer year (fall/spring).

The current CASL travel is region made up of 30+ communities.  The furthest South we travel is Manchester, Woodland to the West, Owosso to the East and we are the furthest North.


Q:  What is the cost per player for a full season of soccer?

A:  Per player cost is $300.00 a full season (Fall & Spring) for U15 non high school and younger ($150 each half season).  High School players pay $150 for half seasons for CASL league play opposite their high school soccer seasons - U16~U19 Girls play CASL the Fall, U16~U19 Boys play CASL in the Spring.


Q:  Are there discounts for multi-player families?

A:   Families with more than one player registered, will receive a $10.00 discount per player for player(s) #2 through #4 per season (fall or spring) or a $20.00 discount per player #2 through 4 for a full year season.


Q:  What are the time frames of the fall and spring seasons?

A:   The fall season runs late August to late October, sometimes into first of November.  The spring season is normally April to first part of June.  The spring season is more dependent on weather conditions and the availability of playable fields at the start of the season.


Q:  What are the player expectations for team practices?

A:   Typically team practice schedules are determined by each team coach for a given season, but the normal routine is that most teams practice 2 nights a week. Usually 1.5 to 2 hours a practice.


Q:  How much are uniforms?

A:   The club requires that each team player purchase a full kit (2 jerseys, 2 shorts and 2 socks).  CASL rules require home teams to change colors when their opponent arrives in similar uniform color.  Typical costs for a full kit will run around $90.00.  Additional uniform kits and/or parts and pieces are optional as well as spirit wear.


Q:  What is expected of parents?

A:   We play you cheer.  Make every attempt to get your player to practices and games on time and ready to enjoy learning and playing soccer.

Religion, acts of God, family needs, academic commitments and student success along with injury should be the only conflict keeping your player from participating.

We ask that players make every attempt to put soccer first before other sports when at all possible.  We understand that many of our players are multi sport participates and teams normally try to accommodate game scheduling and practice time frame requests, but we still ask for the same full on commitment of our players in supporting their teams by taking skill development seriously and game match successes with full roster participation in every scheduled game the entire full year season.

Throughout the year we ask parents to help the club by volunteering some time with maintenance of the complex, supporting our HS teams with concessions and participate in club fund raising events.


Q:  What is the role of SJSC?

A:  To promote, encourage, and improve the standard of soccer at all levels within the community.  To provide a forum for discussion of issues relevant to the needs of the game, its participants and fans.  To promote public and community awareness of soccer through the dissemination of information and coordinated activities between all soccer organizations.

The league we compete in is competitive.  We play to win, but with a focus of player/team development. Fundamental skills are the focus to better the player and the team preparing them for the next level should they choose to go.