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Referee Information for Coaches and Managers

GLASRA Referee Feedback Forum: LINK

New for Fall 2022 - Ref collects fees from the Home team only.

REFEREE GAME DAY PROCEDURES | Capital Area SL (caslsoccer.org)


The link below can be used to check the status of referees for scheduled games:
A couple of clarifications/caveats about the linked website above:

  1. This is the system that the referees use and this is what they see
  2. CASL or SJSC have no direct control in the website, it is controlled by the referee assignor who is contracted by CASL to provide referees for us
  3. A green icon in the right hand side of a game means that a referee (or referees) is(are) assigned to your game
  4. A non color icon shows that the referee assignor knows about your game but has not been able to assign a referee to it.
  5. A red icon means that the game has been canceled.
  6. If your game is not listed in that website it means that something went wrong in the communication between me and the referee assignor and he does NOT know about your game.
  7. I would suggest that you take an initial look at the website to make sure that your games are OK. Make sure that the date, time and location are correct. If you see discrepancies please contact ME immediately. 
  8. When your game gets closer check it to see if you have a referee. Sometimes the slots get filled until one day before so do not expect to have your games fully covered one week before. It is probably wise to look them up one or two days before the date.
  9. For all scheduling issues please use    . You can also text Oscar at 517-980-4141 if it is a situation of emergency and very last minute. He would prefer email.
  10. Do not reply to    it will never be sent.