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Coaching Requirements


Updated Tuesday July 19, 2016. 


All volunteer coaches and trainers working with travel teams within SJSC must hold a coach’s license based on the criteria set forth below after their first year of coaching. In addition, all volunteer coaches and Team Managers MUST COMPLETE RISK MANAGEMENT. To that end, SJSC will refund coaches the costs of classes to achieve an E license.  Coaches  that currently do not meet the minimum required U.S.S.F license would have a year starting August 1, 2017 to obtain one.


U9 - U19:

Minimum license: USSF National E

Coaches/Trainers will have one year from obtaining their E license . After obtaining a D license you will have an additional two years to obtain your C license.


Coaches and trainers are role models. How you dress and your behavior on and off the pitch sets a tone for the players to follow!